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CHCECE001 Assessment Answers: Develop Cultural Competence

This section explains the skills and information needed to achieve cultural competence and enable the engagement of all families and children in children's services. Children's awareness and acceptance of other cultures are also a part of this assistance.

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Learning outcomes of the course

Examine cultural identity and limitations

  • Identify familial experiences that may affect contemporary values, beliefs, and attitudes.

  • Define environmental factors affecting cultural identity

  • Reflect on how personal heritage may affect interactions with other cultures

  • Develop cultural knowledge, attitudes, and abilities

Build cultural competence

  • Identify the children's, families, and community's cultural identities

  • Analyze connections, curriculum, and activities

  • Identify cultural competence abilities, qualities, or knowledge

Promote cultural identity

  • Determine who to talk to to learn about local cultural groups.

  • Encourage and promote involvement by all diverse cultures in the service's activities.

  • Information should be processed in a culturally appropriate fashion, including an understanding of how & with whom the information may be shared.

  • All families should have the opportunity to share their cultural and contextual knowledge.

  • This program will allow children and their families to have a better understanding of various cultures.

  • As a result, children must be introduced to as many dialects and accents as necessary in order to acquire a respect for linguistic diversity.

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Performance Evidence

Candidate must show the capacity to accomplish the tasks and performance criteria of this unit, manage work, & deal with eventualities from the viewpoint of the work position." Applicant must demonstrate that he or she has successfully completed at least one of the following tasks at least once:

  • Introspectively pondered one's cultural identity and preconceptions

  • Investigated minimum of one service or community's multiculturalism

  • Facilitated cross-cultural interactions between children and their families via the following activities:

  • Interacting with children, families, and communities in a culturally appropriate manner

  • Advice from those acquainted with the area's indigenous populations is a good idea.

  • Developing and implementing settings that benefit children of all abilities

  • Assisting in the execution of activities that teach youngsters to value and appreciate cultural diversity

  • Use excellent oral communication skills to bridge cultural gaps and circumstances.

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Knowledge Evidence

Element and performance requirements of this unit necessitate that candidates exhibit important knowledge necessary for them to properly complete this unit's assignment and handle the task and its contingencies in their work capacity.

Knowledge of the following is required:

  • How to get there:

  • Framework for quality in the United States

  • Standards for National Quality

  • The officially sanctioned instructional design framework

  • How to use framework and standard documents to discover relevant information for this unit of competence

  • In accordance with the workplace-relevant learning framework, cultural competency, and diversity

  • Colonialism, historical facts, and other issues have had an influence on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander populations.

  • Policies and activities implemented by organizations to encourage participation

  • Policies and procedures of the organization.

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